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Martin Insurance Agency

Martin Insurance Agency

59 East Wardell St
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Office: 812-752-2581
Fax: 812-752-3098

Martin Insurance Staff

"Andrea Soloe" <mailto:andrea [at] martin-insurance [dot] com>
"Lisa Gibson" <mailto:lisa [at] martin-insurance [dot] com>

ISU Insurance and Investment Group and Martin Insurance Combine

The two offices will combine their office at the Martin location on the south-side of the square in January 2014. There will be some co-branding of both names but for the future it will be ISU Insurance and Investment Group.

Letter sent to customers from Matthew G. Martin

First, I would like to thank you for being an important part of the success of Martin Insurance Agency over the years.

The Martin Insurance Agency was started by J. Gilbert Martin in 1905 and has been a long tradition in our community. Over the 108 years in business, many changes have occurred. J. Gilbert’s son, Robert G. Martin (Bob), joined the agency in 1943. Bob’s son, Gregory Martin (Greg), began in 1970 and then lastly, I joined the agency (Greg’s son) in 1992.

Now begins a new change. As of October 1, 2013, Martin Insurance Agency and ISU Insurance and Investment Group have joined together to combine the strengths and resources of each agency to better serve our customers. Both agencies are well established businesses in our community.

ISU Insurance and Investment Group (formerly Marley Insurance Agency) was started by W. Thomas (Tom) and Jane Marley in 1986. Tom and Jane had previously worked at Martin’s for several years before deciding to start their own agency and purchased Mount Insurance Agency from Paul Mount. Years later in 2001, Richard L. Buchanan (Richie) began working at Marley’s as an agent and is now the current owner of the agency.

With this merger, I have stepped down as President of Martin Insurance Agency, Inc. and Richie has taken that position. I will continue to stay involved with the agency and help our team internally on a consultancy basis. Our current front desk staff, Lisa Gibson and Andrea Soloe, will continue to be here to serve you.

This is a good thing for Martin Insurance Agency and our customers. By combining our agencies, we are able to provide more choices and more staffing to better serve you. In addition, we will reduce unnecessary duplication and costs. I am confident this is best for the future of the agency and you, our customer.

Matthew G. Martin, CIC